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Beirut, Lebanon, September 25, 2016 

Man of the Hour: Gen. Emile Lahoud


The people and "parliament" of Lebanon were suddenly told by the news media that the next president of the nation is Lebanese army commander Gen. Emile Lahoud. The "decision" was reported as having been made in Damascus jointly by visiting president Elias Hrawi and Syrian president Assad. Gen. Emile Lahoud, 63, is married with children.

The "parliament" is due to meet soon to amend the constitution, which does not permit the election of certain high ranking government employees such as the army commander to the office of president, and formally elect Lahoud as the next president of the country.

The term of the current president is due to expire on November 24. This term, originally due to expire on November 24, 1995, was extended by a special constitutional amendment. Gen. Lahoudís term as army commander was simultaneously extended.

The constitution does not require the formal presentation of candidacies for the office of president. The president of Lebanon is elected by the parliament.

(See editorial).

Gen Lahoudís Biography

Emile Lahoud was born in Baabdat, on January 10, 1936. His father was Bregadier Jamil Lahoud, a high ranking army officer who also held the office of minister of labor.

Lahoud joined the War School in 1956 as a cadet, studying for one year. He then attended Dartmouth Naval College in the UK. He returned to the War School where he graduated in 1959. Second lieutenant Lahoud then served at the naval base near the port of Beirut.

Lahoud served briefly with army commander Gen Jean Njeim, his maternal cousin. General Njeim was killed in a military helicopter crash in Zghorta on July 24, 1971.
In 1986, Lahoud took a navy engineering course at the Naval Engineering Academy in the UK.

President Elias Hrawi named General Lahoud to the post of army commander in 1989. In October of 1990, his troops participated jointly with the Syrian army in the operations that ended in the eviction of General Aoun, then prime minister, from the Baabda Palace and ended his anti-Syrian government.

In 1967 General Lahoud was married to the former Andrťe Amadounian and the couple have two sons and a daughter. He is an accomplished athlete and regularly practices swimming, diving and fishing.

General Lahoudís older brother, Mr. Nasri Lahoud, is a judge who has been serving as the military prosecutor general. One of General Lahoud's daughters is married to the son of Eng. Michel Murr, vice prime minister and minister of interior



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